Sunday, December 2


We have been learning about graphs.
We used this success criteria we remembered from the beginning of the year to create our graphs.
Success Criteria
*Numbers up the side
*Names of what each line is about
*Spaced evenly
  Graph made by Kevin
 Graph made by Oscar
Graph made by Keisha

Friday, November 30

Parents visiting our restaurants

Room 5 have been working really hard to create their restaurants. They have been working well together to finish their restaurants ready for the grand opening. Mrs H has been really proud of all the creative thinking Room 5 have shown.

A huge thank you to all parents who visited our restaurants- we really appreciate you being part of our learning.

My Kitchen Rules Restaurants on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, November 20

Room 5 Poem

Today we wrote a poem about Room 5 to put in the school Year Book. We wrote lines of the poem by ourselves and then put them together to make a class poem about our amazing class.

Room 5

A place to be excited
A place to help people
A place to read
A place to be good at writing
A place of art
A place to learn on an iPad
A place to be good at learning.

A place to share so much
A place to have fun
A place to have good friends
A place to be creative
A place to keep trying your best
A place to show PRIDE
A place that is exciting and enjoyable
A place to feel happy
and much more.

Written by Room 5

Thursday, November 15

Problems and Solutions

Room 5 have been learning about how stories have a problem and a solution.
Listen to the Fotobabbles we created to show the problems and how they were solved.


What stories have you read that have a problem and a solution?

Wednesday, November 14

Pizza Recipe

Lots of Room 5 have been asking for the pizza base recipe so here it is.

2 cups of flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 Tbsp butter
1 tsp of mixed herbs
3/4- 1 cup of milk
1 pinch of salt

Make the base by sifting together flour, baking powder. Stir in salt and herbs and run in the butter with finger tips. Add enough milk to make a soft dough. Roll out on a flour board and place on a baking tray.

Tip: Roll it out nice and thin (we learnt that)

Thanks to Pipa-Rose's mum for the recipe :)

A few photos of our finished pizzas to get your mouth watering.

Friday, November 9


Room 5 have been busy creating their own restaurants.
Each group have planned their own restaurant.
Mrs H has been so proud of how well everyone has worked together and the amazing creative thinking.

There has been so much determination.

Wednesday, November 7

Learning spelling words

Room 5 have been working really hard to learn their spellling words from the essetial lists. Here are another couple of ways you can learn your spelling words.

Spelling Game
Click on the link to practise

You can make your spelling words go all around the screen.

Click on the link to play Spelling with sea creatures
Race the other sea creatures by finding the missing letter in words- kind of like one of our favourites Spiderman Spelling

Here is the link to play Spiderman Spelling

Have lots of fun

High Jump

Room 5 have had fun giving high jump a go. Watch our video to learn about high jump.

High Jump from tracey hill on Vimeo.

We have learnt to do the SCISSOR JUMP.

We know to do it well we need to
*Jump off one foot
*Keep our head up
*Lift our arms up
*Jump over the elastic sideways.

We needed to practise not running with our tummy facing the jump but get the side of our body facing the jump.

Wednesday, October 31

My Kitchen Rules Kid Style begins...

We are learning about the different flavours we can create with foods.

We made milkshakes and tried different flavouring. We all liked different flavours... chocolate, raspberry, vanilla but no one liked lemon best.

Karla measuring the indredients
We were super lucky to get a whole lot of helpful parents to help us cook biscuits. We made different flavours.
Kanye creaming the butter
and sugar

The boys shaping the biscuits
Making all the biscuits beautiful
and the same size
Mixing in the different flavours
Rolling the biscuits to make them the right size

Such great team work by the boys. Looks delicious!
Lots of different flavours.
Chocolate chocolate chip
Chocolate chip
Apricot and cranberry
Orange and cranberry

All the teachers wanted some biscuits
because they smelt sooooo good.

We all know the most important thing is the taste. Just ask those judges on My Kitchen Rules.

So how did our biscuits taste?????

Thursday, October 25


Temperature from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Some Room 5 words of wisdom while finding the quickest and slowest place for the ice to melt.

"Don't touch because your fingers are hot". Michael
"If you shake them around they'll melt faster" Keighan

Friday, October 5

Animal Mix-ups

My animal has spots like a leopard and colourful spikes and a beak to eat worms. It has sharp teeth to eat meat. It can also breathe and swim under water because he has a tail with a little hole. It has alien feet and he has a rhino horn. When you feel him he is sqaushy. It lives in the sea and it can walk on the bottom of the sea. Around its eyes it has blue. All over it has gold like a sun, a bright red sun. My animal has bow feet. It helps him to stay on the ground. it has a rhino horn to help it scare other animals away but sometimes it is annoying.

Author: Pipa-Rose

My creature has human shoes, crocodile mouth, zebra stripes, dragon wings and porcupine back. It drinks the deep blue. It eats little sea creatures. The spikes they look like fish scales. the wings help him get away from land enemies. You can see through the wings. It walks like us.

Author: Michael

my animal has sharp poisonous spikes so it can't get hurt by other creatures or people. It has two rhino nose spikes to charge at something that is going to hurt it or a tree to get something to eat like an apple or an orange. It lives in a cave. A very dark cave. It has two hippoe ears to hear something coming. Its mouth has sharp teeth so it can't get hurt or bitten. It has black and orange to show off its body and it has green and silver. the green is so it can't get hurt. the silver is so people think it is a rhino.

Author: Kevin

My creature has a long swirly tongue so it can catchflies and leaves. it lives under water and it swims very fast. he can jump very far like a grasshopper. It can reach really high. It has a yellow neck, green legs, a blue back, brown patches and a orange yellow and red tongue. he has a black fluffy tail. He lives in the tropical lands.
Can you guess which one is my animal?

Author: Caleb

Wednesday, October 3

More capacity

Room 5 have loved learning about capacity.
We had a few challenges to achieve:
                                                     *To make a container that holds 2 oranges to sell in the supermarket
                                                      *To see how many grocery items we can fit in a box
                                                      *To guess and check how much juice an orange will make
                                                      *To make a container to hold 20 jelly beans
 What will happen if you
tip your container over?
Amy-Rose went to problem-solve.
Kanye has been problem-solving to make
his box for oranges.

Keighan thought out side
the square and made a
container where oranges
sat on top of each other.

David guessed almost how much orange juice
he would squeeze out of his orange.
David cutting his orange to check how  much
juice is inside.

Lots of us put the orange next to the cup and guessed it would fill the cup to how tall the orange was.
This was good thinking as we have used that strategy to guess before. Once we opened the orange we saw how much skin and other bits were in the orange. It wasn't only juice.
Diaz wanted to keep squeezing to get more
orange juice. He figured out he only got a little
more juice- not a full cup.

Shontae is enjoying her juice.

When are you using capacity in your holidays?

Saturday, September 29

Visiting the fire station

Room 5 visited the Fire Station as part of our learning about being Fire Wise. It was so much fun.

  Rory's reflection about what he learnt at the fire station.
Amy-Rose and Bodie reflected about what they learnt at the fire station.
It was the first time we tried using Pic Collage on the i-pad

Wednesday, September 26


We have been learning an underarm throw and an overarm throw.

We played throwing golf.
We were practising our aiming.
Shontae is pointing where
she wants the ball to go. 
Michael is looking where
he wants the ball to go.
David used an underarm throw
because he was close to the
Karla stepped forward on one
foot to throw.
Diksha made her arm follow through
after she let go of the ball.
Oscar celebrating after scoring
a hole in one.

We had to think carefully about how hard we threw the ball.
We threw soft when we were close and threw harder when we were further away.

Drop cover hold

At 9:26 we had an earthquake drill with the rest of NZ. 

We practised 
 We drop to our hands and knees. 
We cover our heads and necks with our hands.
We hold onto a piece of furniture.

We know it is really important to practise because there could be an earthquake at any time.

Sunday, September 23

Visit from the Firemen

It was so so exciting because we had some firemen come to Room 5.

We practised
Get down,
Get low,
Get out!
The black sheet was the smoke from a fire.

When we get outside we need to shout

We learnt it is really important to have a family meeting place. A good idea is the letter box.
We never stop to get toys or go back into the fire to get anything. 

The firemen brought their firetruck for us to see.

On Thursday next week we get to go to the fire station and learn more about fire safety and firemen.

Goodbye Jamie

We said goodbye to a wonderful member of Room 5 today- our friend Jamie.

We are going to miss him because he is so much fun and is super caring about other Room 5 Kidd-li-winks.
"I'm going to miss playing with you"
"I hope you have a great time Gisborne. It must be beautiful if you are going there because you are too"

The Kidd-li-winks and Mrs H wish you all the best at your new school.
Thank you Jamie for our yummy chocolate cake and lollipops.

Thursday, September 20


We are learning about capacity           
This one is bigger.
It is how much fits- Caleb explained to us            

Which container is the same size?

Are they the same? ...nearly but not quite.

Filling up our containers to check if they are the same.
"Sometimes long skinny ones can be the same as short fat ones" Georgia
Working together to find out how many will fit.

We worked out that we need to make sure water doesn't tip out
if we wanted to compare 2 containers.

Keisha stacked the blocks to find out how many would fit.
"I have two layers of blocks" Keisha

We are learning to
*Guess how many will fit in our containers
*Check how many will fit in our containers
*Find containers that will hold the same amount

Photographer: Bodie