Friday, October 5

Animal Mix-ups

My animal has spots like a leopard and colourful spikes and a beak to eat worms. It has sharp teeth to eat meat. It can also breathe and swim under water because he has a tail with a little hole. It has alien feet and he has a rhino horn. When you feel him he is sqaushy. It lives in the sea and it can walk on the bottom of the sea. Around its eyes it has blue. All over it has gold like a sun, a bright red sun. My animal has bow feet. It helps him to stay on the ground. it has a rhino horn to help it scare other animals away but sometimes it is annoying.

Author: Pipa-Rose

My creature has human shoes, crocodile mouth, zebra stripes, dragon wings and porcupine back. It drinks the deep blue. It eats little sea creatures. The spikes they look like fish scales. the wings help him get away from land enemies. You can see through the wings. It walks like us.

Author: Michael

my animal has sharp poisonous spikes so it can't get hurt by other creatures or people. It has two rhino nose spikes to charge at something that is going to hurt it or a tree to get something to eat like an apple or an orange. It lives in a cave. A very dark cave. It has two hippoe ears to hear something coming. Its mouth has sharp teeth so it can't get hurt or bitten. It has black and orange to show off its body and it has green and silver. the green is so it can't get hurt. the silver is so people think it is a rhino.

Author: Kevin

My creature has a long swirly tongue so it can catchflies and leaves. it lives under water and it swims very fast. he can jump very far like a grasshopper. It can reach really high. It has a yellow neck, green legs, a blue back, brown patches and a orange yellow and red tongue. he has a black fluffy tail. He lives in the tropical lands.
Can you guess which one is my animal?

Author: Caleb

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  1. Those are some awesome animal mix ups!
    I think room 5 have better artists than me!
    I wish that I was in room 5 and I could join in on all the excitement and fun that room 5 have been doing for the last two terms!