Wednesday, February 29

Room 5 Duathletes

Team 2 did a duathlon and I came second. We ran around the field and then we swam a whole of the pool  and then we sprinted to the finish line. I felt puffed after the race. Today my legs hurt because I ran and ran as fast as Mrs H.      Author Georgia

 I won the second race and we raced on the field. Go went the race starter. We shouted for the people.     Author  Keighan

Yesterday Team 2 did a duathlon. Mr Gifkins was on the microphone and Mr Gifkins said my name. I cam ninth. I nearly came tenth.   Author    Amy-Rose

Team 2 did a duathlon yesterday. i had to run a long way. I ran out of breath. When I got in the pool I got some more breath and I accidently swallowed some water.     Author Daniel 

Friday, February 24

Mrs Wishy Washy

Read along with Joy Cowley's voice. She is the wonderful author who wrote all Mrs Wishy Washy's books. Can you read in funny voices like Joy Cowley?

Our Buddy Class

We love our buddy class lots and lots. Everyday Mrs H gets asked "Are we having buddy time today?"
We spent the afternoon with Room 19.

        Our buddies helped us with our swimming

We worked so hard we got to have some jumping in time with our buddy. What a great challenge for lots of us.

Look how well we get along with our buddies!

We showed our buddies what awesome readers we are.

 Thank you Room 19. We can't wait for our next visit. 

Tuesday, February 21

Today we had tree frogs in Room 5.
Here is some of the fantastic writing about the frogs.

Today Mrs H brought some tree frogs. They have sticky pad and they eat flies. They can jump high. They have a long tongue and they poke their tongue out to get their food.
Author  Aspen

The frogs live in the tank. Me went to look at the frogs and one frog is camouflaged on the log and Mrs H looked and looked but Mrs H could not find him but Mrs H found one in the grass.
Author  Kevin

Mrs H has some whistling tree frogs. They are as little as Mrs H's pinky. The whistling tree frogs eat fruit flies gross! The frogs have one branch and two big rocks and lots of small rocks and the tree frogs have a few pieces of grass. They have water in the tank.
Author  Charlotte O 

Counting in 5s

Try counting in 5s to blast off into space

Monday, February 20

Parachute Time

We love to play with the parachute. 

We work together to make it go up and down.

So we can go under it and make the ball fly high in the sky.

Thank you to our wonderful photographers Rory and Keisha

Friday, February 17

Challenge Tree

I would like to congratulate the children who achieved their challenge on the challenge tree.
Well done Keisha, Keighan, Body and Diaz. Your photos with your bugs on the wall look fantastic!

Here is a photo of Body and Diaz showing Mrs H their challenges

Thursday, February 16

Feed our class frog. We will have some little frogs in our class next week to write and learn about.

Wednesday, February 15

We had fun meeting our buddy class Room 19. We really enjoyed making avatars of ourselves for our Learning Buddy pictures.
Here is Lucian's and Charlotte's avatars they made with their buddies.

Friday, February 10

Challenge Tree

Our Challenge Tree in Room 5 has created quite a lot of excitement. 
Remember once you achieve a challenge you get a bug on the tree so get learning and practising. 

Here are the challenges. Just click on them to make them bigger.

 Once you think you have achieved your challenge write your name and the number of the challenge in the challenge tree book.
I look forward to see all your learning.
Good luck.
Mrs H

Bubble Maps

We learnt about using bubble maps to show our thinking.
 Here are Georgia's and Kevin's bubble maps about themselves.

We used Tagxedo to make our bubble maps into exciting shapes.
We think they look amazing.
Kevin's Tagxedo

Georgia's Tagxedo

Can you make a tagxedo about someone in your family or a pet?
Go to to make your own.

Saturday, February 4

Odds and Evens

We have been learning about odds and even numbers.
Odd numbers are 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9
Even numbers are 0,2,4,6,8
We know that the last number tells us if a number is odd or even - it is called the ones place.
                               Shontae and Astella drew where the classrooms sit in the hall for Assembly.
                                        Room 5 are on the odd side. We sit behind Room 3 and in front
                                        of Room 7 on the odd side.
                      David and Kaleb drew letter boxes with even numbers on the even side of the street and with                
                      odd numbers on the odd side of the street.

Aspen and Diksha had 1,000 on their even side of the street.

You can play these games to help with your odd and even numbers.

Wednesday, February 1

WAL our intials

We learnt our initials.
We know they are the first letter of our names.
We know they must be capital letters.