Friday, March 30

Maui's Adventures

Where in the school is Maui?

Thanks to Kevin for naming me. 

Watch out for Maui as he travels to different places. See if you can work out where Maui is and leave a post.

Van Gogh Clay Paintings on PhotoPeach

Thursday, March 29

Stoney Creek Sock Puppet Shows

We reflected on our experiences at Stoney Creek. Watch our puppet shows to hear what we thought about our day. 

Charlotte & Michael

                                                Kanye & Rory

                                                   Shontae & Diaz

                                             Georgia & Caleb

Wednesday, March 28

Untitled from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Stoney Creek Writing

We had an amazing time at Stoney Creek and here is some of our writing about our day.

Yesterday we went to the Stoney Creek and we went on the flying fox and it was scary and I was nervous.
                                                    Author Lucian

I went to Stoney Creek and I was excited on the flying fox. It was surprising because there was a bump! I said 'weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" because it was so fun.
                                                    Author Michael

I loved the little bikes and they were fun and I thought I couldn't ride them but I could balance it. There was not any brakes on it. I could go fast on them. I could do wheelies on it. I went too fast on it and I spun out.
                                                      Author Jamie

I went on the flying fox. It was fun but it was scary at the end. I was brave. I was holding on like this real hard. I like the flying fox because it is super fast.
                                                    Author Pipa-Rose 

Tuesday, March 27

Monday, March 26

New Zealand Cities

Play this game to help you with your Challenge Tree of finding places on the map of NZ.

It was a BIG challenge for me but the more I practised the better I got.

Happy learning Room 5

Map of New Zealand Game

Te Reo Greetings

Listen to us sing our song to help us learn greetings in Te Reo

Te Reo Greetings from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Tena Koe- Hello to one person Tena Korua- Hello to two people Tena Koutou- Hello to three or more people

Sunday, March 25

Stoney Creek Trip

We are off to Stoney Creek Tuesday. We are just hoping the sun is shining.

For the trip you will need
* Sensible shoes for walking and activities
*A warm sweatshirt
*A packed lunch
*A drink bottle
*A hat
*Sensible clothes for a ranch

Please make sure all notices with permission are at school by Monday.

Saturday, March 24

A second stickman

There is a new Stickman adventure. See if you can follow instructions and save the Stickman.

Click on the link to try.
Stickman drawing

Have fun...I really enjoyed this Stickman adventure too.

              BE CREATIVE

Friday, March 23

Little Van Goghs

Today Room 5 played with clay. It was lots of fun and very very mucky.

We squished and squashed clay.
We stretched and shaped clay.
We banged and slapped clay.
We got clay everywhere.
Oh what fun.
From the mouths of Room 5
"It's so slimy"
"It is all between my fingers and up your nose"
"We eat off this stuff...yuck"
"I have too much water it's going everywhere"
"We are playing with the earth"

We learnt about a very famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.
 We looked at Starry starry night and
The Sunflowers. 
We used clay tools to draw Van Gogh pictures into the clay. Keep checking out our blog because we will paint our clay when it is dry.

 Camden's Starry starry night
Amy-Rose's Sunflowers 

Thursday, March 22

One week old chickens

Today we wrote about the baby chickens that came to school. Here is some of our wonderful writing.

There are chickens at school. There is a spotty one and they eat    pellets. There are eight baby chickens.                Author Astella 

Today we have the chickens and the mum bit me and it bit Mrs H. The mum pokes her head out at us. They are fluffy and cute. The chickens come out of eggs. The chickens jumped up on the mum. The mum told the chickens to get off.                           Author Jamie

Chickens are grumpy but...only sometimes. they eat silverbeet and they drink water. They eat pellets. Pellets are like little round rectangle shapes and have flat edges. The chickens keep warm under their mums feathers. When they grow up the boys will be roosters and the girls will be hens. 
Author Charlotte O
Mrs H has baby chickens. The mother chicken keeps the baby chickens safe under her wings and the mother chicken is bigger than the babies. The babies hatch at the same time because she keeps them at different temperatures. 
Author Caleb

Photographer Keighan

Wednesday, March 21

A Cold Dark Night Characters

Pops read this really cool book today

Pops made the characters from the story out of playdough.


Thank you Room 20 for reading for with us today. 

Tuesday, March 20

Playdough spelling

Spelling playdough on PhotoPeach Read the words we made out of playdough. See if you can read the words before it moves to the next word.

Monday, March 19

Our class dog

Click on the dog and practise your sounding out by giving the dog instructions. He will do what you write.

Have fun :)

Sunday, March 18

Look at all the things I learnt about Smarty Pants by reading the Smarty Pants book.

Click on the link to make your own scrapbook page about a character from your book.

Saturday, March 17

Friday, March 16


We have been learning to measure in Room 5.
We ordered our teddies from shortest to tallest.

We learnt to measure different body parts of our teddies. We counted crocodiles to work out how long our teddies body parts were.

 We learnt that sometimes there wouldn't be a whole crocodile. Sometimes it was a half more (when it was up to its tummy) and sometimes it was a little bit more when it was just his head or tail more.

Look at some of our measuring.
We measured heads, arms, bodies, legs, ears and lots more.
Teddy Time on PhotoPeach

  Can you guess which teddy the writing is about?

My teddy can do dances but not by himself. Though my teddy has dreadlocks on his head. He has big eyes and a big smile and two teeth with xs on his teeth. It says All Blacks on his t-shirt. His skin colour is yellow. He has brown dreadlocks.

 My crocodiles name is Tom. He can bite people and he can go under the water and he has sharp teeth and he has got black stripes and green squares.

Read along to Smarty Pants

What did you think of the story? Leave a comment.

Tuesday, March 13

Our Compound Word Examples

Compound Words on PhotoPeach

Blog Writing

Today we wrote explanations about what a blog is for our family members that haven't used or seen a blog before.

A blog is on our computer. A blog has games and stories and you can write comments. I made a Voki. If you want to get on the blog you go on to the internet. If you go onto google and type in thats how you get on to the blog.            Georgia

I can learn on the blog to help me to learn very good. I learn and on the blog there is games to learn at home. I like to play on the blog . I like it very very much. I love it to learn so much. I hope they love it!     Keighan

A blog has reading games that has heaps of games and our mums and dads would like to see it. I like playing on the blog and our mums and dads like it too.         Diaz

Friday, March 9

Compound Words

We have begun learning about compound words.
This is when two words join together to make one word.
Some examples were Moonlight

Play this game to make the teacher 'walk the plank'

Contents Pages

 We have been learning about contents pages.
 We know a contents page helps you find stories or information quickly.
What page can I learn about winter?

We made our own contents pages in our publishing books. 

Thursday, March 8

Pops learning the ch sound

The pops reading group has been learning the ch sound. It was in beach in our Jolly Roger story.
The Pops used the cameras and took a photo of all the things that had the ch sound.
Here are some of things they found.

Chicken Egg


 Challenge Tree                      Cheek


Photographers: Oscar, Lucian, Charlotte I-D and David