Saturday, September 29

Visiting the fire station

Room 5 visited the Fire Station as part of our learning about being Fire Wise. It was so much fun.

  Rory's reflection about what he learnt at the fire station.
Amy-Rose and Bodie reflected about what they learnt at the fire station.
It was the first time we tried using Pic Collage on the i-pad

Wednesday, September 26


We have been learning an underarm throw and an overarm throw.

We played throwing golf.
We were practising our aiming.
Shontae is pointing where
she wants the ball to go. 
Michael is looking where
he wants the ball to go.
David used an underarm throw
because he was close to the
Karla stepped forward on one
foot to throw.
Diksha made her arm follow through
after she let go of the ball.
Oscar celebrating after scoring
a hole in one.

We had to think carefully about how hard we threw the ball.
We threw soft when we were close and threw harder when we were further away.

Drop cover hold

At 9:26 we had an earthquake drill with the rest of NZ. 

We practised 
 We drop to our hands and knees. 
We cover our heads and necks with our hands.
We hold onto a piece of furniture.

We know it is really important to practise because there could be an earthquake at any time.

Sunday, September 23

Visit from the Firemen

It was so so exciting because we had some firemen come to Room 5.

We practised
Get down,
Get low,
Get out!
The black sheet was the smoke from a fire.

When we get outside we need to shout

We learnt it is really important to have a family meeting place. A good idea is the letter box.
We never stop to get toys or go back into the fire to get anything. 

The firemen brought their firetruck for us to see.

On Thursday next week we get to go to the fire station and learn more about fire safety and firemen.

Goodbye Jamie

We said goodbye to a wonderful member of Room 5 today- our friend Jamie.

We are going to miss him because he is so much fun and is super caring about other Room 5 Kidd-li-winks.
"I'm going to miss playing with you"
"I hope you have a great time Gisborne. It must be beautiful if you are going there because you are too"

The Kidd-li-winks and Mrs H wish you all the best at your new school.
Thank you Jamie for our yummy chocolate cake and lollipops.

Thursday, September 20


We are learning about capacity           
This one is bigger.
It is how much fits- Caleb explained to us            

Which container is the same size?

Are they the same? ...nearly but not quite.

Filling up our containers to check if they are the same.
"Sometimes long skinny ones can be the same as short fat ones" Georgia
Working together to find out how many will fit.

We worked out that we need to make sure water doesn't tip out
if we wanted to compare 2 containers.

Keisha stacked the blocks to find out how many would fit.
"I have two layers of blocks" Keisha

We are learning to
*Guess how many will fit in our containers
*Check how many will fit in our containers
*Find containers that will hold the same amount

Photographer: Bodie

Wednesday, September 19

2 vowels go walking

We have been trying to use this song to help us work out words we get stuck on in our reading.

We found 3 people in our class who had '2 vowels go walking only one does the talking'.
Shontae     Keisha     Keighan

Saturday, September 15


Barbaloots have been learning to infer when reading. This means to find the clues the author leaves for you. It is kind of being like a detective to find the clues.

The Barbaloots made clue bags about a book they chose. Each thing in the clue bag tells you something about the book. We used Fotobabble to share out clues.

Here are the books they chose

Inferring Books on PhotoPeach Georgia
Diksha Kevin
Bodie Charlotte Caleb
Camden Keisha Can you guess our books?

Room 5 Paralympics

Room 5 children organised a Paralympic Day for Room 11 to compete in. Room 5 Kidd-li-winks planned, tested, changed, organised and ran their sports for the Year 4 children.

Testing and making changes

Room 5 Paralympics from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Filmed by the Room 5 Kidd-li-winks

Paralympic Day on PhotoPeach

Paralympic Day on PhotoPeach  Photographers Room 5 Kidd-li-winks A special thank you to Room 11 for being amazing athletes in our Paralympic sports. You showed fantastic Parkvale Pride.

Tuesday, September 11

ICT Expo Presenters

Charlotte, Kevin, Pipa-Rose, Jamie and Aspen presented at the ICT Expo. They taught lots of children from different schools and adults how to use Popplet on the I-PADS. 

So many people commented on what an amazing job they did explaining and helping the people at their workshop. 

In between presenting they made their own Popplets about Mr and Mrs Twit.
Made by Aspen

Made by Jamie

Treasure Maps

The Pops reading group read

The book gave instructions on how to make a treasure map for Crocodile Island.

The Pops read each instruction carefully and created these wonderful maps of Crocodile Island.


We learnt maps need a key and a title.

Sunday, September 9


We have been learning about calendars. 

Mrs H gave us a challenge to make the calendar page for December.
She gave us numbers 1-31, a blank piece of paper, scissors and a vivid.

Look how much learning was happening

We then got some success criteria to help us.

* The numbers on a calendar are in order
*A calendar has the days of the week on it
*A calendar page tells you what month and year it is
*Calendars start with Sunday not Monday

We used the success criteria to make changes to our calendars
If your birthday is the 2nd of December and mine is the 3rd of December are they both on Monday?

Thinking, talking and changes were made.
Keisha: 'I know we need to make sure one number fits under one day of the week. I wonder how we can do that?"

Michael and David's calendar
Diksha and Daniel's calendar

That tricky Mrs H gave us a new challenge. the 1st of December this year is on a Saturday.

"Ahhh, this is a little bit frustrating" Georgia
Astella and Bodie's calendar
"I need to keep moving the numbers one by one until the 1 makes it to Saturday" Bodie

Some things we learnt about calendars today

"There are seven numbers across on a calendar because there are seven days in a week" Kaleb
"The 1st on a calendar isn't always a Sunday and you have blanks when it isn't" David
"There are lots of Mondays in December like 2 and 9 and 16" Lucian
"On a calendar they have Mon for Monday, Tue for Tuesday so it is easy to fit the numbers under the days of the week" Pipa-Rose

Mrs H loved the perseverance you showed when making your December calendar page.

Click on the link to practise reading a calendar Using a calendar 

Friday, September 7

Photo Competition

Custom Glitter Text

Room 5 entered the Hawkes Bay Magie Photo Competition.
 Lots and lots of photos were entered and...
Oscar won highly commended for his photo.

Amazing photo Oscar! 

Thursday, September 6


We have been learning about verbs

Rory and Lucian took photos of some verbs they were acting out.What verbs do you think they are?

Read our verb poems.

I box the people to the ground.
Punch, slam, cheer
I shot the claybird.
Pull, aim, fire
I smash the person with the fencing sword
Poke, dodge, attack
I won a running gold
Run, puff, huff
I beat the rowers in the rowing race
Swish, breathe, celebrate
We won the race
Gallop, neigh, talk
I got a goal with a hockeystick.
Smack, clack, aim.

Written by Georgia

I ran and leaped in the sand. I had to jump really far.
Run, skip, jump
I knocked someone out
Punch, kick, box
I flipped on the trampoline
Land, spin, flip
The boxer punched me in the face then I punched him back.
Box, kick, punch.

Written by Lucian

Run, jump, spin, flip
I dove from the board
Run, jump, fall, land
I get over the polevault bar
Dive, splash, win
I win gold at the pool
Lift, aim, put
I put the ball as far as I can
Leap, dive, somersault
I dove from the board.

Written by Charlotte

I woke up in the morning
Yawn, stretch
I eat my breakfast
Eat, drink
I had a shower after breakfast
Wash, play, jump
 I put my uniform on
Zip, pull
I made my lunch
Cut, fold
I had a ride in my van
Click, sit
I hang my bag on my hook
Hang, zip
I get ready for school.
Put, talk, play.
When the bell rings I have to sit.

Written by Kanye

Wednesday, September 5

Paralympic Day

We are oranising our Paralympics day. There is a lot of excitement, thinking and working together in Room 5
 We tested out our events we designed
 and...made changes to improve our events. 
 We solved problems. Michael is making a net that is a good height for sitting volleyball.
 We all worked together to make medals.
Georgia thought of a great idea to make trays to carry the medals in.
Look at the careful thinking going on.

Room 5 you are stars!