Tuesday, November 20

Room 5 Poem

Today we wrote a poem about Room 5 to put in the school Year Book. We wrote lines of the poem by ourselves and then put them together to make a class poem about our amazing class.

Room 5

A place to be excited
A place to help people
A place to read
A place to be good at writing
A place of art
A place to learn on an iPad
A place to be good at learning.

A place to share so much
A place to have fun
A place to have good friends
A place to be creative
A place to keep trying your best
A place to show PRIDE
A place that is exciting and enjoyable
A place to feel happy
and much more.

Written by Room 5


  1. Room 5, your place sounds like the such a great place to be.

    What a great idea!

    Another idea: Room 20 would love to video you reciting your lines in the poem.

  2. WOW R5!
    I bet your class room is so much fun. I like all the words you used like exciting,enjoyable and creative. I love it all. Well done:)

  3. Wow Room 5. That is such a amazing poem. Your Place sound really cool and nice. Well done.

  4. Great work Mrs Hill and room 5. Your special place is cool. I think it is Parkvale school. Well done Katrina:)

  5. Wow that is a fantastic poem room 5
    I like all the things you put in it.
    Well done and keep up the great work.

  6. Awesome Room 5!
    I really like your places!
    I agree with Mr.M!

  7. Awesome Room 5!
    That poem makes me want to be in your class if I was little.
    What a great way to write a poem about your class.
    Well done:)

  8. Great poem Room 5!
    I really enjoyed your guys poem I wish I was in your class when I was little!