Saturday, June 30

3D Faces

We love giving clues of 3D shapes and getting our class mates to try guess them.
Aspen's clues were
*It has 2 hexagon faces
*It has 6 rectangle or oblong faces
What is it?

Kaleb's clues were
*It can roll
*It has 2 circle faces
*It is like a can
What is it?

We had fun working out how many faces shapes had. We used masking tape and drew faces on it. We stuck it to each face we found.
Look how much fun we had :)

What 3D shapes can you find around your house?

Thursday, June 28

Olympic Questions

Next term we are learning about the Olympics. We were only 2 or 3 years old last time the Olympics were happening. We have been searching on Google to find out a little bit about the Olympics.

We used Wallwisher today to write down all our questions. Now Mrs H knows what exciting things to get ready for next term.

Read the great questions we came up with.

As a family add more questions to our wall.

Amazing performers

Amazing Bird Dances from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Wow, Room 5 you are stars!

Monday, June 25

Olympic Mascot Making

Next term we are learning about the Olympics. Meet the mascots for the 2012 London Olympics. Their names are Wenlock and and Mandeville.

Have a go at making your own mascot by clicking on the link.

Make your own mascot

Have fun creating!

Challenge Tree

Congratulations to all those children achieving their challenges for the Challenge Tree. There are many more bugs making it onto the wall.

Shontae showed us her talent. She did her taekwando pattern. Room 5 were really impressed with how she explained it all to us.

Well done Shontae we are really proud of you.

Oscar found the food he would like at his party. Mrs H would love to go because he had lots of her favourite things. Great adding Oscar.

Mandy's Garden

Mandy's Garden 2 on PhotoPeach

Monday, June 18

Writing Instructions

We have been learning to write instructions.
We know we can do this when we
*Write a list of what we need
*Write the instructions in order
*Number each step
*Have a capital letter at the beginning of each step.

How to kick a rugby ball
You need
*Shoes with laces
*1 rugby ball
*A very big space
*Lots of pride
*Ears to listen to the teacher

1) Keep a eye on the rugby ball.
2) Hold the rugby ball.
3)Drop the ball and kick the ball at the same time.
4) Remember to kick the rugby ball where your shoes laces are.

Author Michael

How to kick a rugby ball

*Rugby ball

1) Hold the rugby ball longways.
2) Drop the ball.
3) Kick the ball with your foot.
4) Remember to kick the ball long ways.

It will hurt if you kick the ball with your foot so wear shoes.

Author Pipa-Rose

Today we read the Snot Goblin to inspire us to write ' How to be the most revolting boy'


How to be a revolting boy                                                  

Step 1. Fart real loud in someones face.
Step 2. Throw up then slide in it.
Step 3. Make a pie and put in disgusting things then eat eat. Some disgusting things could be a chopped up foot or guts or a dog alive.
Step 4. Roll in dog poo.
Step 5. Catch a bug then eat it.
Step 6. Cut up an animal then eat its blood and guts.

Author Caleb

How to be a revolting boy
Step 1   Play in a big pile of garbage with stinky rubbish.
Step 2   Spew up on the floor then slide on it.
Step 3   Do a loud fart on someones face then sniff up the fart.
Step 4   Eat a crunchy pie with worms or flies in it.
Step 5   Suck between your toes.

Author Kevin

And some of us didn't want to be revolting so we wrote 

How to be a perfect princess

1) Have perfect manners like please and thank you.
2) Be polite to everyone.
3) Tidy your castle and room.
4) Paint your house any colour you want. A perfect colour could be purple.
5) Eat healthy food.
6)Do your own hair and teeth.
7) Wear shiny clothes.
8)Never kiss a frog.

Author Charlotte

Tuesday, June 12

Spiderman Spelling


I have been so proud of all of you learning to spell many new words this year.

Play this fun game to practise your spelling.

We have some tricks in Room 5 to remember how to spell tricky words.
Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants
and...  we made up this one for SAID
Silly Animals IDirt

Sunday, June 10


Lots of us are up to learning our doubles on the maths ladder.

Here are a couple of games to help you learn these facts quickly.

Doubles Memory

Penguin Ice Cream 0x 1x 2x
 This game shows you that when you know your doubles you also know your 2x.

Dinosaur Doubles
This game teaches you why you need to know your doubles fast. You use your doubles to solve problems that are near doubles.

When you start playing click on a white tooth.


Friday, June 8

Production Tickets

How exciting. The tickets for our Production Mandy's Garden go on sale on Monday.

Room 5 had a designing tickets competition. There were many wonderful designs. The 5 tickets chosen will be used for each of the performances.


Thursday, June 7

ed at the end of words

We have been learning when we write ed at the end of words.

We write ed if it has already happened.

Mrs H sent us out to take photos of us doing something. Here are some of our sentences we wrote after taking our photos.

 Daniel rolled and rolled down the hill.
Keisha painted a beautiful picture.
Jamie kicked the rugby ball high.
Diaz peered at the bottom of the slide.

It is a bit funny because it doesn't always make the 'd' sound.

They are words like jumped and landed. 

Friday, June 1

Picasso Head

We have been busy drawing self portraits to decorate the hall for our production.

Picasso painted portraits but they looked a bit funny.

 Our blog buddies at Frimley did Picasso pictures that we really liked. 
Click the link to make your own Picasso head. Remember you are meant to look a bit silly. Maybe you could make a goofy Mrs H, Mr Gifkins or Mrs Looij.
Make a Picasso Head

Here are some of the Picasso Heads children from Room 5 made of Mr G

Koru Art

We have been learning about the koru. It symbolises growth and new beginnings. We looked at koru shapes that are found in ferns. Lots of us remember seeing them when we go on bush walks. Some of us even had ferns in our gardens at home.

Koru Art on PhotoPeach

We had fun making new colours with the dye. Our art looks amazing and Mrs H is so proud of how we all did our personal best.