Wednesday, August 29

QR Codes

We have been creating QR Codes. 
You may have seen them before on packets of food and at museums.
 You can scan them using I-Pods, I-pads, smart phones.
 Scan and find out what we have been learning about the Paralympics.

 Amy Rose


Come to our classroom and scan the rest of the QR codes to learn more about the Paralympics. There are  I-Pads you can use.

Where else have you seen or used QR codes?

Click on this link to make your own QR code QR Voice

Tuesday, August 28

The Twits

Room 5 are reading their first novel. We are all so so so excited. We are reading 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl.
We are learning to visualise because there are only a few black and white pictures in the novel.

Mrs H could tell we were really visualising about how gross Mr Twit was because of the funny faces we pulled.

Some of us even imagined what that gross Mr Twit would smell like. Children were holding their noses because of the stench.

Kanye did a picture on Paint of how he visualised Mr Twit.

Friday, August 24

Adding detail to our writing

We have been learning to add detail to our writing. We are trying to add our senses, 'wow' words and similes.

Enjoy Charlotte's reading of her wonderful piece of writing.

Lion And The Zebra from tracey hill on Vimeo.

We pretended we were lions just like this one lying in wait for his dinner.

We each decided how we wanted our writing to end. We chose from these two pictures.

The lion was hiding in the long brown grass. It was waiting for his feast. The lion was camouflaged with the grass. He was very very still!The lion heard motor noises. The zebra is on the motorbike. The lion is chasing the zebra. The lion got the zebra. The lion got to eat the zebra and  the guts! The lion got to have the motorbike. He zoomed into the grasslands!

Author Diaz

The lion is hiding in the big, long grasslands. He is waiting...waiting...waiting! The lion is looking with his big, mean, spooky, beady eyes. He can hear the tip tap of the zebras feet. The lions mane is yellow like the grass so it is camouflaged so the zebra can't see him. The lion is tearing the guts. He is ripping the intestines out like a dinosaur. He's eating the heart and blood is squirting onto his claws. He heard the blood squirting splosh splosh. He saw ribs. There were just bones left. the lion was full after having a snack.

Author Camden

Camden's challenge was to add onomatopoeia to his writing. Can you see where he achieved this? 

Thursday, August 23

Olympic Photostories

We made Photostories to share information about the London Olympics.

Room 5 hope you enjoy them and you learn something new.

diaz kanye from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Created by Diaz and Kanye

astelladavid from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Created by David and Astella

Wednesday, August 22


The Barbaloots have been learning to visualise when reading. This helps to understand the books we are reading. We make pictures in our head and  think about what we can hear in the story.

We read 'Did you shake your tail feathers?'   

Here is some of our visualising. We looked carefully at the story to find clues in the text.

"This tail feather is so lovely, I must find the owner and return it,"said Weka.
"If I had such beautiful tail feathers, I'd be very upset to lose one of them."
Weka ran into the forest , carrying the tail feather gently in her beak.

Camden's visualising

Weka came to a stream and met Pukeko, the swamp hen. "Kia ora, Pukeko," said Weka. "Did you shake your tail feathers?"
"That's not mine," replied Pukeko. "My tail feathers are black and glossy. Let me have it to clean the mud off my red bill."

Caleb's visualising

Weka found a burrow and called, "Kiwi wake up!   Did you shake your tail feathers?"
"What tail feathers? Anyway, my feathers are brown, "snapped Kiwi. "But let me have that fetaher to mark my next burrow."
"No," said Weka. "It's far too beautiful for that."

Kevin's visualising

Thursday, August 16

Daffodil Day Art

Room 5 is contributing to Daffodil Day with their art work. We have created art of daffodil people. Our art was inspired by Astella who came up with an amazing flower person in her Mandy's Garden poem.

Our art will be up Hastings town to help promote Daffodil Day. You can go to the Information Centre to find out where our art is.

Daffodil Day on PhotoPeach

Sports Pal Trophy

Room 5 have been competing in the samuri tournament run by the Sports Pals on a Wednesday lunchtime. We all love these lunchtimes. It is extra extra exciting because... we won the trophy!
              Rory did a great job of accepting the trophy at assembly on behalf of Room 5. 
The trophy looks amazing in Room 5!

Wednesday, August 15


We have been learning to tell the time. We can tell the time in Te Reo too.

Time from tracey hill on Vimeo.

We have been learning how long seconds, minutes and hours are.
Some of the things we could do in one second are:
*a clap
*a stomp
*a jump

We know 60seconds make 1 minute. Watch our video to see how close we were to guessing a minute. We had to keep our eyes closed and stand up when we thought a minute was up.

Time from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 11

Greek Vases

We have been learning to tell stories through pictures just like the Greeks did a long long time ago.
We looked at Greek vases and shared our ideas about what the stories could have been.

 Artist: Aspen
 Artist: Kanye
 Artist: Bodie
Artist: Pipa-Rose

Can who guess which story goes with each vase?

Valerie Adams throws the shot put and wins a silver medal. She waves the NZ flag.
The Queen goes to the Opening Ceremony in a helicopter. She jumps out of the helicopter in a parachute.
Mark Todd jumps over the horse jumps. NZ wins the bronze medal.
NZ is losing at the start of the rowing race. NZ wins the rowing race  and wins a gold medal.

Friday, August 10

Olympics Reports

Room 5 have enjoyed watching the different events at The Olympics. We have been learning to write reports like the people in the newspaper.

We decided reports showing excellence will
*Tell what happened
*Have the important information
*Have an interesting first sentence
*Wow words
And will sometimes have a simile

Read our reports and see how you think we did.

Tuesday, August 7

Giving and Following Directions

We have been learning to give and follow directions.

First we made some clothes for Wenlock and Mandeville. 

We are trying to dress Wenlock and Mandeville by following our buddies instructions because our eyes are closed.

Daniel is giving Kanye up, down, left and right instructions so he can put Mandeville's eye patch on.

Georgia is giving Diaz instructions to put Wenlock's hat on. Up, down, left and right.
We challenged ourselves by using north, south, east and west to give directions. 
This is tricky new vocabulary for us. We used instructions like
'Just a little bit North'
'About a hand south'

Saturday, August 4

Olympic Games

Click on the link to test your reactions. Reactions Game
My reactions were fast when I needed to see something but much slower when I needed to hear something first. When are your reactions the quickest?

We made our own reaction sticks and tested each others reactions. We found out the more we practised the better our reactions got. 

Thursday, August 2

Basketball dribbling

We have been learning to dribble a basketball. The children have explained the success criteria so you can learn too.

Dribbling Skills from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Karla did an amazing job of filming the movie.

Rain Rain Rain and more rain

The rain won't go away so we decided to use it to take some interesting photos. We were thinking about taking photos from different angles, making frames for photos and taking photos of movement.

We are going to enter into the photo competition between Hastings schools.

Rain Rain Rain on PhotoPeach

Emails to Olympians

We have been learning how to write letters and emails. We wrote good luck letters to Valarie Adams and Mahe Drysdale.
We hope it gives them good luck at the Olympics.

To Valarie Adams
I wish I had muscles like you. I would like to go to the Olympics. You held the flag because you are the champion. I wish I was a champion too.
From Oscar

Dear Mahe Drysdale
You are incredible how you ahd a tummy bug and you still raced for New Zealand. Room 5 has been doing pretend rowing races. I got a bronze medal and I was always in lane 6. You are the best in the world. Congratulations.
From Georgia Kate Roil

Dear Valarie Adams
You are very strong because you have been practising doing shot put and make it go far. The children tried to pick it up in one hand and we could! I hope you get another medal.
From Daniel.

We had turns at putting the shot put with T-balls. We then had a turn at lifting a real shot put. It was real heavy! Some of us needed 2 hands to lift. We were amazed that Valarie Adams can throw it 20 meters ( that is longer than our school hall).