Saturday, April 28

Our murky water experience

Murky Water from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Filmed by Georgia and Mrs H

Mrs H was super proud of Room 5 being brave and putting their hands in the murky water.


Shontae teaching us

Use Shontae to help you practise our new dance moves.

Untitled from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Sorry the movie is round the wrong way. Mrs H needs to learn how to turn movies around. This is my new learning goal.

Thursday, April 26

PRIDE Jigsaws

Can you do the Parkvale PRIDE wall jigsaw?

Click to Mix and Solve

Look Room 5 made our own PRIDE wall to show what we think Parkvale PRIDE is all about. Good luck putting the jigsaw back together.

Click to Mix and Solve

Tiggers Word

Watch the video and find out what word Tigger is not allowed to say? What is that word? Can you remember?

Monday, April 23

Sound Words

Today we learnt about sound words. They have a really big name ONOMATOPEAIA

We used the instruments to make the words sounds. It was very loud but lots of fun.

Michael CLASH

Rory  BOOM

Lucian BOING

Pipa-Rose SWISH


Keighan DING

Georgia SCRAPE

Astella BANG

Wednesday, April 11

Monday, April 9

Wednesday, April 4

Where has Maui been?

Maui has been to a place where he saw the Mona Lisa.

Where in the world is Maui?

A clue to help you.

Has something to do with a very famous artist.
Post a comment if you can work it out.

Tuesday, April 3

Where in the world is Maui?

Hi Room 5

Maui has had some exciting adventures but Mrs H can't work out how to put up photos yet. Keep posted they will be here soon.

Some clues about where Maui has been

*It is 324m high and you need t climb 1,664 steps to get to the top
*It sparkles at night
*He looked through a telescope and saw Paris in all directions

Sunday, April 1

More Sock Puppet Stoney Creek Interviews

                                               Aspen and Kevin
                                                                                             Bodie and David
                                                                                             Kaleb and Diksha
                                                                                               Keisha and Oscar
                                                                                           Lucian and Keighan
                                                                                                Pippa and Amy