Sunday, September 23

Visit from the Firemen

It was so so exciting because we had some firemen come to Room 5.

We practised
Get down,
Get low,
Get out!
The black sheet was the smoke from a fire.

When we get outside we need to shout

We learnt it is really important to have a family meeting place. A good idea is the letter box.
We never stop to get toys or go back into the fire to get anything. 

The firemen brought their firetruck for us to see.

On Thursday next week we get to go to the fire station and learn more about fire safety and firemen.


  1. You must be looking forward to be going to the fire station.You are lucky I wish I could go to the fire station with you.
    From Caroline

  2. cool stuff that we saw on the blog about fire
    and firengin.