Monday, July 30


Today at lunchtime Caleb and Diksha  made a dragon fly  on the ipad. It was symmetrical. It copied what we did on one side on to the other side.
Mrs H was so proud how they connected their learning from last term to an app they were experimenting with.
Great learning guys. 

Saturday, July 28

Word Hurdles

We have been learning to understand pictures and symbols.
Click on the link to play Word Hurdles Game. (Use the number keys not the mouse).
Good luck word athletes. Can you win a medal?

Olympic and Paralympic Sports Game
Click on the link to try this game Georgia found.

Thursday, July 26

Map Making

We had so much fun making Hastings. We all related to each other so so well that Mrs H had to get Mr Gifkin's in to see what the whole class achieved.
                                              . Here are parts of our amazing city. Look carefully how all the streets join up so the cars can go everywhere.

 We drew maps of the city we made. There was lots and lots of tricky thinking.
Jamie's Map

Kaleb's Map
Kanye's Map

Saturday, July 21

Opening Ceremony by Room 5

Opening Ceremony Part 1 from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Opening Ceremony Part 2 from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Opening Ceremony Part 3 from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Assembly Item Reflections

WALT reflect on our learning.
Here are some of our thoughts after our assembly item.
It is important to reflect because it helps you to improve and celebrate all the wonderful things you have achieved. 

London Opening Ceremony-our assembly item.

Opening Ceremony (Room 5's version) on PhotoPeach

Room 5 were amazing at presenting the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics to the school. They managed themselves so well to learn all their parts. I was so proud of how when things didn't go to plan they just worked it out. What great performers!

Wednesday, July 18

Queen who?

Our assembly item is coming up fast. Room 5 have been working really hard and have a great performance ready. Mrs H has been really proud of how the Kidd-li-winks' have taken on all challenges with such wonderful attitudes. 

Do you know who the queen is?

Tuesday, July 17

Olympic Information

Click on this link to read Olympic Dreams Book

We used the App Popplet to show some of the information we found in this book. 

Michael's Popplet

Astella's and Keighan's Popplet

Aspen's and Pipa-Rose's Popplet

 Kaleb's Popplet

Number lines

We have been solving addition and subtraction problems using a number line.

We can count forwards and backwards in tens from any number so we use this to help solve problems.

We had to read the Olympic word problems first and decide what we would use to solve the problem.

                                          Michael and Amy-Rose
                                          Caleb and Diksha

                                          Georgia and Bella

Lots of tricky thinking and working together today.

Wednesday, July 4


Use all the learning from making our flags for our assembly item to do this flag quiz. Click on the link to play.  Flag Game

Looking at this picture before you play might help. When I played the first time I got 14,300 pionts. Can you beat it?   Goodluck!

Olympic Song

 Who is this amazing Olympic athlete?

What other athletes do you know?

Click on the link to see our Olympic Song. This is our song we are using for our assembly item that we are doing the first week back at school.