Wednesday, October 31

My Kitchen Rules Kid Style begins...

We are learning about the different flavours we can create with foods.

We made milkshakes and tried different flavouring. We all liked different flavours... chocolate, raspberry, vanilla but no one liked lemon best.

Karla measuring the indredients
We were super lucky to get a whole lot of helpful parents to help us cook biscuits. We made different flavours.
Kanye creaming the butter
and sugar

The boys shaping the biscuits
Making all the biscuits beautiful
and the same size
Mixing in the different flavours
Rolling the biscuits to make them the right size

Such great team work by the boys. Looks delicious!
Lots of different flavours.
Chocolate chocolate chip
Chocolate chip
Apricot and cranberry
Orange and cranberry

All the teachers wanted some biscuits
because they smelt sooooo good.

We all know the most important thing is the taste. Just ask those judges on My Kitchen Rules.

So how did our biscuits taste?????

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  1. They look pretty amazing! Wish I could be a judge!!!