Wednesday, October 3

More capacity

Room 5 have loved learning about capacity.
We had a few challenges to achieve:
                                                     *To make a container that holds 2 oranges to sell in the supermarket
                                                      *To see how many grocery items we can fit in a box
                                                      *To guess and check how much juice an orange will make
                                                      *To make a container to hold 20 jelly beans
 What will happen if you
tip your container over?
Amy-Rose went to problem-solve.
Kanye has been problem-solving to make
his box for oranges.

Keighan thought out side
the square and made a
container where oranges
sat on top of each other.

David guessed almost how much orange juice
he would squeeze out of his orange.
David cutting his orange to check how  much
juice is inside.

Lots of us put the orange next to the cup and guessed it would fill the cup to how tall the orange was.
This was good thinking as we have used that strategy to guess before. Once we opened the orange we saw how much skin and other bits were in the orange. It wasn't only juice.
Diaz wanted to keep squeezing to get more
orange juice. He figured out he only got a little
more juice- not a full cup.

Shontae is enjoying her juice.

When are you using capacity in your holidays?

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