Wednesday, May 30

Witchy goes Shopping

We read a really funny story today. We laughed and laughed. 

Witchy needs to go shopping for witchy things.

Kaleb and Camden read her shopping list. 

Look at what she got because she forgot to take her spectacles with her

Big black spider eyes 
Wriggly squiggly worms
Mouse droppings
Dead men's fingers
Dragon's Blood

Luckily what she bought was all good to have a birthday party. 

Saturday, May 26

Shapes shapes shapes shapes

We started learning about 2D and 3D shapes.
We sorted them into different groups.
Look at some of the different ways we found to sort the shapes.
Round shapes and square shapes
Cylinders and hexagons
Round balls and oval balls ( we learnt a new word sphere)
3D and 2D shapes
2D and 3D shapes
Cubes and Rectangular prisms
We know cubes only have squares.

The next day we had a challenge of making a cube and a rectangular prism

What wonderful children in Room 5- they took photos of their learning without even being asked.
Great photos Kidd-li-winks

And...then we had some fun making planes, brushes, trucks, robots and much much more.

Friday, May 25

Super Bugs

Super Bugs on PhotoPeach

We have been learning to label diagrams. Our labels had to explain what made our bug special.
Mrs H thinks our bugs are so clever and are all very different.

Thursday, May 24


We have been learning to describe
Some people did their writing on the iPad.

We used Story Patch to write our descriptions.
Everytime we use the iPads we get better and better.

Wednesday, May 23

Sneak Preview

Here are some photos of our first fitting. exciting!

Photographer Charlotte

Sunday, May 20

IPADS making us think

Multi Touch Mathematics
We have been playing a game on the IPADS that has really made us think. 
You have to work out the answer to the equation
eg. 23-7=
and then work out how you can make the answer 16 out of  
10,5,2 and 1

You can see how much thinking Kevin is doing.


Sharks and Whales have been learning to solve division problems by using addition.

We had to read the word problems carefully.

There were 12  lollies in the lolly jar and 4 children. How many lollies does each child get?
 Georgia tried adding 4+4+4+4=16 but that was too many.

Georgia then tried 3 in each group 3+3+3+3=12
Each child got 3 lollies.

 There were 16 angry birds and each knocked down the same amount of blocks. How many blocks did each angry bird knock down?
Cam went 4+4+4+4=16
Each angry bird knocked down 4 blocks.

Saturday, May 19

Prayingmantis eats prayingmantis

We used the photos of a praying mantis eating another praying mantis to inspire our writing.

It is a bit YUCK!    Just to warn you.

The girl prayingmantis eats boy the prayingmantis. Its belly gets fat from the boy prayingmantis. It eats the head first. It eats the prayingmantis body. It eats his legs and it is gobbled all up!  Author Kaleb

The girl eats the boy prayingmantis and then the prayingmantis is all gone. The girl is very full.   Author Oscar

Did you know this is true? The girl prayingmantis eats the boy prayingmantis. The girl eats the head first then the body and the feet. Then the bum. It vanished to sleep. It is weird I don't want to be the boy. I want to be the girl.  Author Amy-Rose

Amy-Rose with a prayingmantis. She thinks it is a girl and thought it might go and eat a boy when she lets it go.

Thursday, May 17


We have been learning about what happens when 2 words get squashed together to make 1 word.

Camden squashed together do  and not

There is a tricky things called an apostrophe  where the letters have gone missing from.

Rory squashed together can  and not

Charlotte squashed together would  and not

Michael squashed together I and have 

Saturday, May 12

Super Bug

Can you make the strongest insect?
Click here to play
Make a super bug

Here is my super bug under the magnifying glass.

When you have made your bug you can print it and bring it to school to see who can make the best super bug.
Here is the score for my super bug.

David is winning so far with 69 points
Rory is the new champion with 72 points

Funny Poems

We have been learning to write funny poems.

We are trying to make the reader laugh when we write.

Spy Tools

The Things reading group read this really interesting non-fiction book

 We loved talking about all the spy tools spies used in the old days and what they use today.
Mrs H had to show us it was a non-fiction book because we thought spies were made up people kind of like Mickey Malonely. 

We are learning how to create a labelled diagram.
This is Camden's fantastic example

Using I-PADS to publish our writing


Monday, May 7


We have been learning to make and carry on patterns.

My pattern is hexagon, square, triangle, hexagon, square.
I have 2 colour patterns red, yellow, green, red, yellow and...
yellow, red, blue, yellow, red, blue
What comes next in Caleb's patterns?

My pattern is square, circle, triangle, square.
My other pattern is normal shoes, high heels shoes, normal shoes
and I have a blue, purple, orange, blue purple, orange pattern.
What comes next in Pipa-Roses patterns?

My pattern is triangle, circle, triangle, circle.
My pattern is feet, shoes, feet, shoes.
The colours of the body is another pattern
red, purple,blue, yellow, red, purple, blue yellow.
What comes next in Kanye's patterns?

My pattern is orange, blue, green, orange, blue, green.
My shape pattern is hexagon, diamond, hexagon, diamond.
What comes next in Jamie's patterns?

Can you find 3 patterns in Keighan's caterpillar?