Sunday, September 9


We have been learning about calendars. 

Mrs H gave us a challenge to make the calendar page for December.
She gave us numbers 1-31, a blank piece of paper, scissors and a vivid.

Look how much learning was happening

We then got some success criteria to help us.

* The numbers on a calendar are in order
*A calendar has the days of the week on it
*A calendar page tells you what month and year it is
*Calendars start with Sunday not Monday

We used the success criteria to make changes to our calendars
If your birthday is the 2nd of December and mine is the 3rd of December are they both on Monday?

Thinking, talking and changes were made.
Keisha: 'I know we need to make sure one number fits under one day of the week. I wonder how we can do that?"

Michael and David's calendar
Diksha and Daniel's calendar

That tricky Mrs H gave us a new challenge. the 1st of December this year is on a Saturday.

"Ahhh, this is a little bit frustrating" Georgia
Astella and Bodie's calendar
"I need to keep moving the numbers one by one until the 1 makes it to Saturday" Bodie

Some things we learnt about calendars today

"There are seven numbers across on a calendar because there are seven days in a week" Kaleb
"The 1st on a calendar isn't always a Sunday and you have blanks when it isn't" David
"There are lots of Mondays in December like 2 and 9 and 16" Lucian
"On a calendar they have Mon for Monday, Tue for Tuesday so it is easy to fit the numbers under the days of the week" Pipa-Rose

Mrs H loved the perseverance you showed when making your December calendar page.

Click on the link to practise reading a calendar Using a calendar 

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