Thursday, September 6


We have been learning about verbs

Rory and Lucian took photos of some verbs they were acting out.What verbs do you think they are?

Read our verb poems.

I box the people to the ground.
Punch, slam, cheer
I shot the claybird.
Pull, aim, fire
I smash the person with the fencing sword
Poke, dodge, attack
I won a running gold
Run, puff, huff
I beat the rowers in the rowing race
Swish, breathe, celebrate
We won the race
Gallop, neigh, talk
I got a goal with a hockeystick.
Smack, clack, aim.

Written by Georgia

I ran and leaped in the sand. I had to jump really far.
Run, skip, jump
I knocked someone out
Punch, kick, box
I flipped on the trampoline
Land, spin, flip
The boxer punched me in the face then I punched him back.
Box, kick, punch.

Written by Lucian

Run, jump, spin, flip
I dove from the board
Run, jump, fall, land
I get over the polevault bar
Dive, splash, win
I win gold at the pool
Lift, aim, put
I put the ball as far as I can
Leap, dive, somersault
I dove from the board.

Written by Charlotte

I woke up in the morning
Yawn, stretch
I eat my breakfast
Eat, drink
I had a shower after breakfast
Wash, play, jump
 I put my uniform on
Zip, pull
I made my lunch
Cut, fold
I had a ride in my van
Click, sit
I hang my bag on my hook
Hang, zip
I get ready for school.
Put, talk, play.
When the bell rings I have to sit.

Written by Kanye


  1. Wow Georgia. What an amazing poem. Such descriptive verbs. I could really imagine you as a competitor.

  2. What fantastic poems Room 5!

    The verbs you use put an action-packed picture in my head. They are exciting to read, like watching the Olympics.

  3. Awesome room 5.
    I love your verbs.
    Great pictures.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Wow room 5!
    This is so cool, your verbs are amazing:)
    Well done guys!

  5. Awesome poem room five. They are so cool the are amazing the poems. Great work.
    From Amy :)

  6. Awesome Room 5.
    I love your poem it is great.
    And there are some more awesome poems.

  7. Awesome Room5, what fantastic poems. Keep up the great work.
    Mrs Heibner