Saturday, September 15


Barbaloots have been learning to infer when reading. This means to find the clues the author leaves for you. It is kind of being like a detective to find the clues.

The Barbaloots made clue bags about a book they chose. Each thing in the clue bag tells you something about the book. We used Fotobabble to share out clues.

Here are the books they chose

Inferring Books on PhotoPeach Georgia
Diksha Kevin
Bodie Charlotte Caleb
Camden Keisha Can you guess our books?


  1. Wow! That was really tricky! The only one I could guess was Hairy McLairy book, because I've read about bundles of hay quite a few times! Lynley Dodd writes such fantastic books.

  2. Georgia I think your book is about,How Maui slowed the sun. From Keighan

  3. Very clever clues, Room 5 Barbaloots!

    You really show that you understand and think about the books you are reading. They are amazing Fotobabbles.

    I wonder if Room 20 can guess what your books are?

  4. Wow Room 5. That such post. I love to Infer,

  5. Wow Room 5!
    Georgia-Maui slowed the sun.
    Charlotte-Hairy McLairy.
    Caleb-Captain Flinn and the pirate dinosaurs.
    Charlotte-Actually it's my party.
    Bodie-Gus goes to school.
    Great work you guys:)
    I hope I got it all right!

  6. Awesome Room 5!
    I like the fotobabbles and all the things you used to try and describe your book. When you get older you will be excellent at inferring because you already know what to do! I also really like Georgia's fotobabble, you were nice and clear:) Well done R5!

  7. Awesome Room 5!
    I really like the fotobabbles and the things you used to describe your book, that was cool. When you get older you will be really good at inferring because you already know what to do! I like the way you all were nice and clear:)Well done R5!

  8. Great work room 5. I love all your inferring. The fotobabble was a great idea too. I think Georgia's one is How Maui slowed the sun. You are all very clear too! Well done

  9. Wow Room 5.
    This is such an interesting post.
    I think that Georgia's story is How Maui Slowed the Sun.
    Am I right?Keep up the GREAT work.

  10. Keisha, I think your clue bag is The little yellow digger? From Keighan